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Change Your Life For The Better 25th May 2020 1:40 PM

Hi Crystal

Thank you. You have also changed my life for the better with your very special feedback!



Hi Andy

Thanks for taking time to look at the slides. Great to hear that you have some positive habits. I think the key is to come up with your own daily habits which will motivate you. So you may have one that is going to bed before 12 midnight. Also the habits should help in some small way to your overall goal. An audio book certainly counts, as this no doubt will enhance your quality of life and may well help you being creative in pursuit of your unbelievable goals.



Hi Crystal

Thank you for taking time to reply.

I don't know if you've seen these slides which I've also posted which may be helpful




Change Your Life For The Better 22nd May 2020 2:44 PM

Hi Steve, thanks for taking time to reply. Hope the videos are helpful. I'll refine these, when I have better equipment to hand (microphone etc.) and more experience of creating videos, but I think the motivational messages will remain.

Change Your Life For The Better 18th May 2020 12:16 PM

Please follow the link to a short presentation which will change your life for the better in Six Simple Steps

Richard Kim

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Hi Rebecca

Thanks for your message. I'm just learning how to include text on the video. For your information my list of positive daily habits is as follows:

1. Kiss and say I love you to your partner

2. Open your window and say thank you for the day

3. Read a thought for the day (e.g. Word For Today - daily reading)

4. Do a favour for someone

5. Do a 15 minute activity (walk, run, cycle, exercise etc.)

6. Do a 15 minute household chore

7. Have a 15 minute de-clutter

8. Contact a family member or friend

9. Play a musical instrument, dance or sing for 15 minutes

10. Read a book for 15 minutes


11. Have an early night (before 12 midnight)

12. Do DIY for 15 minutes once a week

You should choose your own set of habits for your own circumstances. If you achieve all your daily tasks give yourself a bonus point (1 extra point per day)

Total up your points for the week and try to better the total each week.

Please see another video I put on YouTube yesterday (using subtitles) - the first of six that I'll be posting

Please see my YouTube video of helpful positive habits during isolation/lock-down