Scheduling meetings - Acuity nails it!

By : Forum Moderator
Published 6th July 2020

I really just want to sing the praises of a great little scheduling tool called Acuity.

I signed up warily, technology isn't always my friend. But it was very easy to set up and even customise with logos. 

I can now send a link to a client specific to the type of call they are having, and if it's chargeable you can add that in. It'll give them my availability, let them book them confirm it. It'll send them a link with a pre call form I like to have completed. And it's integrated with my Zoom account so it'll auto schedule the Zoom as well. 

It's really saving me a lot of time and makes things look altogether more professional. They can reschedule if they need to and your can set the parameters for this (not within 12 hours of the call etc.)

I'm definitely not on commission but I would recommend you check it out if you do a lot of calls with clients.