Are keys slowly becoming out of date..

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Published 24th August 2017 |
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I don't know if it's just me, but I find keys are so inconvenient. I must 'lose' my keys at least five times a day in my bag; the fact that my bag is probably equivalent to Marry Poppins' is irrelevant. I was watching a video on BBC this morning about a new technology which would cause keys to become extinct. Rather than using your keys you can use a smart watch or your phone. If this is a better idea than keys I'm unsure. It has its pros and cons- have a look at the video and see what you think? Would be nice to see what you guys think... 



Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
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When we went to New Zealand back in Feb , both places we stayed at didn't have keys to their front doors ..My cousins house had a card to enter and the house we rented at the old office style keypad , it seems quite a common thing out there

Andy-C | Pewter World

Really? I've never really heard of it until I saw this video- think its a good idea though! 

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
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There's always the counter argument - security!

Great article from Wired - The Hotel Hacker. How someone exploited a vulnerability in hotels electronic locks and went on a crime spree. The vulnerability impacted loads of well known brands such as Hilton 

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My parents have a fingerprint recognition pad entry on their new house. It never seems to work for me for a start, and secondly if there's a power cut and they're out they can't get in!? Not so good. 

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