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Published 23rd July 2017 |
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Got tired of of my old PC that was running out of steam and eventually crashed rather badly on a windows 10 update to the point of having to do a complete restore which in turn left me with so many issues I gave up.So my point is it is amazing to have a decent graphics card that shows off good colour , even MLS shows up really well now.

Just shows how far PC's have come in the last 5 years with speed and functionality, I even have a touch screen hahaha but I don't think I will ever use it as I am so used to a key board and mouse , it just seems strange to have 1 , but times have changed and we have to move on I suppose ,will see how that goes

Andy-C | Pewter World
even MLS shows up really well now.”

I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult 

On the PC front, processors and memory don't have seem to increased very much over the last few years, but the best thing performance wise has to be SSD's (Solid State Drive). Time to consign the old grinding Hard Disk Drive to the knackers yard.

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compliment everything was all 1 sort of grey but now can see lines etc and colours are bright  ..I couldn't afford a full ssd so got 1 that works alongside hard drive and the difference is amazing  ... My last PC was from 4 years ago and couldn't handle much ,even a wireless mouse was a no go.. Although I am sure in 4 years time I will be saying the same sort of thing as computers would have moved on so much


Andy-C | Pewter World

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis! It can be quite difficult to stay on top of the technology curve. You don't have to adopt it all at once; just keep an open mind and see which piece of equipment helps you and your business in developing the fastest route forward!

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