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Published 6th July 2017 |
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Google has once again updated their Test My Website tool. It's very useful and unlike the older versions, it focus's now on the mobile version of your site to reflect the changing way visitors find your website.

It's very user friendly and simple to use. You simply enter either your website address or actual page you would like to test, and Google will spit out a score and offer you a report for some suggested fixes. It is deliberately designed to be non technical, so any useful techie information is actually in the report which is emailed to you.

Points to remember, it's not scanning your whole website, just one page. So if you enter your website address, it will simply examine your home page. You can enter any specific page you like if you want to delve a little deeper into your site.

Here's the results from the homepage of My Local Services (UK).

Here is the USA version of our site, which annoyingly is quicker than the UK one 

According to the report, our UK site allegedly could be speeded up significantly:

Finally you get a chance to see how you compare with your peers in your industry.

So it's a little bit gimmicky for techies, some of the report findings aren't always practical to implement. But it is useful snapshot for a business owner, and if Google tells you your website is running dog slow, then do something about it.

Think about your mobile audience, do you need to serve them huge images or slow loading pages? Responsive design is a lot more than showing the same website on a desktop or mobile. Tailor and tune it to your relevant screen audience.

How did anyone else get on? Any good, did you find it useful?

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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I have found that too .. I tried things like images, but no matter what I do I can't seem to get it passed the site

Andy-C | Pewter World