Calling all android smartphone users!

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Published 10th March 2017 |
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For those of you that use android phones, you may want to know something about your phone that you may have never known before.... 

Scientists are reaching out to all android phone users for a very, some might say unusual topic. They are calling upon the users to donate some of their processing power in order to help in the fight against childhood cancers. Now you may be thinking.. how can smart phones help fight cancer? Hang in there I am just about to get to it. 


BBC news have reported that the spare computing power of android devices and computers can be utilised to work out which compounds can best fight cancer cells.

This work is part of wider citizen project set up by IBM. The company are now working with the Smash Childhood cancer project to help find cures for many types of childhood cancer, these including: 

- Brain Tumours

- Liver Cancer

- Bone Cancer

In regards to IPhone and IOS processing power, the system is currently not available because the company need to test how apps run on the Apple Platform.

The app you need to download is featured in the link below if you are an android user and want to help this project.




Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team

Thanks for the idea of posting it. This could be a good information and help for all children who have cancers. I'm hoping that the project will push through and will be implemented soon.


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